Monday, November 5, 2012


                Max Snow '100 HEADLESS WOMEN'

                    © by purpleDiary

    A behind-the-scenes film by Sebastian Piras and Robert Jason following the creation of artist Max Snow's exhibition, 100 Headless Women, a show that revolves around portraiture of nude women wearing only a blindfold to be photographed. 100 Headless Women took place at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in New York. The film features music by The Dough Rollers

                     Max Snow ‘This Isn't Burning Man’

Max Snow was born in 1984, and raised in New York City. He studied at the London College of Communications. He is known for his signature black and white photographs, intimate and melancholic, at times as uncomfortable as they are sublime. Beauty, fantasy, mortality, and the metaphysical are all recurring themes.                             via           

He lives and works in New York.                      

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